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We know at the moment it may not be an option to call into our showroom or book a consultation so if you would like to plan your kitchen in the comfort of your own home it's now easy.   With the online planner from Appletree Kitchens, you can put together your very own personal dream kitchen without any obligation. You can either configure a predefined kitchen plan or plan one of your own completely from scratch.

The planning process starts with drawing up a floor plan, then add features such as windows and doors.  You're then ready to start designing.  Once you're finished just hit the submit button, answer a few simple questions about your requirements and send this to the Appletree Kitchens team who will advise you in person, work out the kitchen plan and draw up a quote.

Just hit the button below which will take you through to the planning page and press the Planning Launcher and you're away.  We are very excited to see your ideas.

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